From Beijing to Balloch

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I took a wander up Balloch Park today, and whilst I was up I came across these fine looking duckies!

“they are funny looking duckies”

Turns out I wasn’t the 1st in the household to see them, as number 1 child had noticed them the other day, firing off a barrage of questions and statements to her Mummy: “look at those duckies”, “what are those duckies”, “they’re funny duckies”, “where did those duckies come from””those duckies would be good in a plumb sauce…”. Ok the last one I made up, but the visitors certainly were a talking point.

The funny duckies, or Mandarin Ducks to give them their Sunday name, originally hail from East Asia.  Clearly they have a poor sense of direction, often mistaking Balloch for Beijing.  

“Alright Hen?”

In all seriousness, the ducks are a symbol of love in Asia, and it’s easy to see why. The males, with their technioloured dream coats, proudly puff out their chests to vie for the attention of the slightly less eye catching female.

Although originally coming from 5,000 miles away, it seems our feathered friends are adapting to life well in Balloch. In the wild, they tend to breed in densely wooded areas, next to a lake or pond……they must have seen the Backroom at closing time on a Saturday night and recognised some native behaviours.

If you are about Balloch Park anytime soon, take a wander and see for yourself. They are currently a bit of a locally celebrity, appearing in the Daily Record last week!!

“Why did the duck cross the road?”